Friday, May 22, 2009


I consider myself to be a vey wierd person
considering the settings that i have grown up in.
If you know me well
you would agree with my last term.

The thing is that i love being wierd.
it gives me a sense of "Individuality."

I walk the streets and all I see are uniforms.
when I say uniforms,
I am talking about how people
copy one anothers style and swag
or whatever.

Its really annoying because how the hell
are you supposed to find someone who isnt like them?
how do you find a person worthy of the title Wierd?

I want to meet someone [Girl preferably] who is similar to me
but just not the same an have their own interests, nerves & ticks. [I find it very, very cute]

But still, wierd people are the best people.
And I dont mean really wierd that they collect toenailsor something [ugh..]
i mean the wierd people who do things that you normally would'nt do.

Anyways im crazy...

now I am done.
I will go and make a sandwhich. It is currently 3:15 am London Time
[kawai= Sweet]

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