Friday, February 26, 2010

They Kept Me Goin

The xx- Islands
The xx- Blood Red Moon
The xx- Basic Space (Mount Kimbie Remix)
The xx- Stars (Skinny Friedman DJ Edit)
The xx- Islands (Nosaj Thing Remix)... See More
Nosaj Thing- IOIO
Nosaj Thing- Lords
Toro Y Moi- Thanks Vision
Toro Y Moi- Talamak
Toro Y Moi- Blessa
Toro Y Moi- Times Pleasure (Body Language Remix)
Tycho- Coastal Brake
Washed Out- Feel It All Around
The Middle East- Lonely
The Middle East- Beleriand
The Middle East- Blood
Plan B- Stay Too Long
oOoOO- NoSummr4u
Oasis- Falling Down
Neon Indian- Terminally Chill
Nite Club- No Matter Which Way
MODERAT- A New Error
MODERAT- Les Grandes Marches
MODERAT- Rusty Nails
Mew- Am I Wry No
Mew- Special
Mew- Repeaterbeater
M83- Teen Angst
M83- We Own The Sky
M83- Highway of Endless Dreams
I Blame Coco- Caesar
Grizzly Bear- Two Weeks
Grizzly Bear- Foreground
Homeboy Sandman- Angels With Dirty Faces
Gorillaz- Tomorrow Comes Today... See More
Gorillaz- El Manana
Gold Panda- Quitters Raga
Biggie vs Tupac vs The xx- Runnin With The xx (Quix vs Elliot Blend)
Body Language- At A Glance (Toro y Moi Remix)
Bon Iver- Woods ( Starkey Remix)
Broken Bells- The High Road
CFCF- You Hear Colours
CFCF- Monolith
CFCF- Crystal Mines
Cloud Nothings- Can't Stay Awake
El Ten Eleven- My Only Swerving
El Ten Eleven- I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool

High Rant.

It was thought by someone else but I'll interpret it to you.
"What would happen if you were to blog high?"
it's really wierd because different people get different feelings from smoking
I know I do.

I think I'm going to carry around a small notebook&pen for collecting ideas.

could also help me write down songs to download hehe

random thought

Ever thought of something that was important to you then just forgot it?
How does it feel when you forget?
Are you angry, sad?
Do you feel a weight has been lifted?

i hate forgeting.


I think I'm seeing life in a different sort of sense from other people.
Maybe I'm wrong but most people just do shit off impulse instead of
Play It Out
(in thier heads)

oh well.

You Know What I Need To Do?



Yo, that shit is right around the corner.
I dont knwo what to do.
I need a job so I can get some cash to buy shit
and I also need to save up for plane tickets to the states.
this whole recession shit is fuckin annoying.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Thursday Night

I went to a white party with my friends and it was an amazing night.
So many highlights that night.
Got a lot of new friends and potential stalkers but it was well worth it.
Great great day.
Danced a whole lot and then chilled.
(Becks in Hand)
Shout outs to the brothers
Eric, Khalid, Jad, Jordan, Leon
and friends
Bahij, Ceyda, Ines, Missy, Lise, Aziza
and all the others.


Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm gonna stay in london till you come.

don't worry I wont leave

oh and you can crash at my crib :)
no need spendin moneys on expensive ass hotels.

some new songs for you
(~-.-)~ d(-.-)b ~(-.-~)

I Blame Coco- Caesar
M83-Teen Angst
M83- Highway of Endless Dreams
Coeur De Pirate- Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)
M83- We Own The Sky
well dassit for now
(lemme just state M83 is great)

llama: beh beh

i love models...

I Blame Coco - Caesar from Stamp Films on Vimeo.

I wwant those fuckin boots