Tuesday, July 21, 2009

While i was gone

well i havent posted in a while. the blogging scene seems preety dry right now so i've been highly uninterested in writing anything. just been doin the usual skating and hangin out, gave up looking for a job, and wondering what i'll do while im still in this country until school resumes. anyways i've had some pretty good things recently happen such as a new friend
(whos in canada but i dont mind at all). still trying to find a way to raise money to get a camera for my Photography fetish and all. but i'm lucky enough to be finding some good music to pass time as i wait my life out. planning on trying to make the best of summer '09. and i really want to go camping with a couple people. or a road trip
that would be extra fun. need some time to find myself though
go away somewhere in the world by myself. rest and relax.but anyways lifes cool
and ain i think i gave up on fiesta a while ago too its just annoying now. might join you in maple story lol.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Its where i post some of my photograhy work

I just do it to see what people think but its cool

heres a link.....