Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Painnn.....

Well iF you remember one oF my latest blogs
about me skatin and all
well...i eventually did it today while
my cousins came over For a visit.
it was all Fun at First
nice cruisin while my bro
and cousin watch me
carve down the hill
and then...
the board got its own mind
and Fuckin threw me oFF.
Damn i had the worst pain For like
5 minutes
i just sat on the road
layed out
sayin Fuck a car
they gotta wait till i walk again.


that's not even the least of what happened.
a Few minutes after my temporary paralysis
i started Feeling a burning
and i was like oh shit...damn
i had just recovered From another cut
and i look at my back and see black
dark skin and then...
a little patch of
white meat and some signs
of blood about to come out
man o man was i pissed
but its all good
imma be walkin around with a swollen ass cheek
and a scab the size of a 50 cent coin (maybe bigger)
well that's all
now i need to go and get some peroxide and alcohol
along with some bengay and a couple tylenols

bye. and



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh......
&& you still had energy to blog,i woulda been out screaming and yelling and making the biggest scene.
Take care of that hun,no more stunts for awhile.

Jinmi.....Indie said...

can ever stop me from expressing myself
except if my hands get cut off, i go blind and mute or die

misz hilly. said...

mucho ouch.! :( at least you'll have a pretty wicked scar & u got it doin something fun :)

Jinmi.....Indie said...

i have so many scars
i have too many scars
i need to stop hurting myself
about to buy bubble wrap clothing

Rilwan Adisa Kujenya said...

Har har har, Yo jimmo wicked scratch B.

Jinmi.....Indie said...

wickedly painful