Saturday, February 28, 2009


someone said my blog sucks


if the shit sucks then dont fuckin look at it
dumbass wanna try to hurt the feelings that i dont have
i hope he dies a really painful death
or meets me in the street when hes drunk so that i wont have to block when i whip his ass
anyways if it sucks then fuck off
nobody is tellin you to read it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


i want some Fuckin PIZZA!!

and i miss NEW YORK

but at least i have some amazing ass luck

check it >.>


I've recently started University abroad at Richmond American University. Classes are killler but I have also started taking a photography class. Its quite cool. Schools a bitchload of money but it's worth it.
And another good thing is drinking age (18 years Fukin Amazin).
Anyways I get to have a Nikon D70, (the camera that made me really want to start photography) and ive been experimenting with it.
Right now I've been on some little shit but I have a creative imagination
and would like to be a great photographer like Jeff Wall or Nikki Lee.
Here are some photo's I've taken already.

Anyway these are only some I have loads but I cant get em right now. Anyways im gonna continue with my Photography and take more amazing pics. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lifetimes in LONDON

London Fucking Sucks right now. Everything is expensive. prices found in New York are the same here and U.K. currency is about half U.S. currency ( can u say... bullshit!!!!). There is also no 24 hour transportation like New York, so if you plan to party till late night, be prepared to sleep on the streets until 7 am whe the trains start running. That same shit happened to me a while ago after a boat party on The River Thames under the London Bridge. I got so fuckin wasted on vodka and coronas and then while on my way home fell asleep and missed my stop ( WORST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Got stuck in some bullshit place called Tonbridge which is not even in a zone and a cab to where I live cost ₤60($85.75). I had on some cream white sperry's some nice jeans and a shirt I got for christmas. and it was raining and the temp was live fuckin 20 degrees farenheit ( so colddddddd). I sat there until they opened the station and caught the first bus home. Got home at 8:30 a.m., took a hot ass shower and slept.

Party was great everything after was fuckin bullshit. lol...