Sunday, May 31, 2009

Calmness, Insanity, Music.


ever just sat there in your room
in the dark and listen to some sweet tunes
and think, drift off, into the surrounding world.
It used to be my favorite thing to do if i wasnt partying
in my case some nice melodic indie tune
or something like it would put me in that state
a state of excellence
just lying down on the floor
surround sound softly pulsing the music
ohh... I remember when I could do that
I wish I could now
but I cant
reason why is because I need to get
a new surround sound system
and also a new mp3
gosh life sucks
when your on summer break and aint working
but... there are some benefits like
catching up with friends, and finding new music,
maybe even making some new friends.
music to me is basically everything
I think it controls me
and it kind of puts me in an emotive kind of state
where the music makes me really moody
in most cases extreamly content with everything
even when there is shit that
is really troublesome and bothersome in life
I find that it is my cure to hating everythingand everyone
and also
it saves me from insanity (truly it does)
the last time I almost went insane was the 4 months before school
not being able to get a job
I just stayed at home
played games all day everyday
slowly wasting away
I became nocturnal, I was like a bat
sleeping at 6 a.m. and waking at 6 p.m.
and I fell ill, had the most scariest and darkest of dreams everyday
just thinking that I was actually in them
I became paranoid, and I slept even more than usual
it was a really, extremely odd sickness that thrust my
psychi into chaos.
the thing that brought me back was actually
comics, books and of course
sweet music.
thank god for it, otherwise I would be in an asylum
I noticed that I have never even told my parents of this
well they will find out soon... maybe
I like to keep secrets.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

movie night

well all I've been doing is living
watching movies
all day long
its 5 am
i want to watch eternal sunshine of a spotless mind
but I'll leave that until 2morrrow.
idk when the next blog is coming
not in a bloggy mood.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Monday, May 25, 2009




OH Brazil
number 1 choice of destination
i don't want to go there just for the women
(who are drop dead sexy)
but i want to see all the sights
Like the Christ Redeemer statue
which is humongous
I want to travel on a road trip through the
whole of Brazil. i love how it looks
even the slums look so amazing
even though they are really
poor, the sight of the favela just makes my heart feel
things. really unexplainable.
and there is the beaches
there are many many beaches in brazil
but there are some that people dont go to because they are to
far or nobody is around
i remember i saw one of these beaches while watching a foreign movie
it was the best beach in the world
that beach inspired me to write
that small poem seclusion
if i ever find that beach it would make me happy if
someone special was with me *sigh*



i have always wanted to go to Japan
it has been a dream of mine since i was little
i might get to go next year if i can
i want to walk the streets, and go into
the mountains for a nice hike and journey.
after i get back from mountain
we then go to the crazy ass clubs of japan.
i would even like to go to a manga convention there
since i love manga.
after manga
its to the museum to see swords
and also the ukiyo-e paintings of many japanese artist
which i think are better than mona lisa (which i think is pointless)
japan is just one of my ultimate traveling goals in life
and i would love for me and a couple friends to go
it would be a quite amazing trip.
yes it would.


online rpg

well i have a billion secrets
but one of them is online gaming
its just really really addictive
i play a game called fiesta
nice graphics and all
i got some of my friends to play it
it truly is addictive
i say this because when I'm not blogging i am playing it
I'm a lv 53 mage and working on lv 54
i feel like such a geek
but i don't care as long as I'm having fun.
well i just wanted to throw it out there
online games are not just for geeks
cool people play em toooooooooo.


The Painnn Continued

its a fucking scrape and it feels like i fucking got shot
omg I've never had this much trouble walking or sitting or lying down
or anything for that matter
i know i didn't break anything
but i did probably bruise a muscle during the whole process
and that damn cut bled all night long i hate when that happens.
(information about bruising due to 2 years in medical technology)
but damn
and the thing is
iv my dad ever finds out that im in this much pain and not showing it
hes gonna be pissed that i fucked up my body again.
well i just gotta hold my own
i need a massage.


mmmmmm with class

yeah im chillin with back pain from earlier
and i made me some noodles
but after i made them i had nothing to drink
only wine and liquor
so now i am currently eating noodles with a big cup of wine

can u say class? lmao

robot boy

im watchin a cartoon
called robot boy
and in the episode he gets captured and
the guy is trying to use him to take over the world
the boy who owns robot boy then makes a plan to rescue robot boy
they release robot boy and the guy who caught robot boy
says to his lackey
"Constantine! Release the panda ninjas, or as i devilishly call them... PINJA's"
that shit made me bust out laughing
just mad funny.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Painnn.....

Well iF you remember one oF my latest blogs
about me skatin and all
well...i eventually did it today while
my cousins came over For a visit.
it was all Fun at First
nice cruisin while my bro
and cousin watch me
carve down the hill
and then...
the board got its own mind
and Fuckin threw me oFF.
Damn i had the worst pain For like
5 minutes
i just sat on the road
layed out
sayin Fuck a car
they gotta wait till i walk again.


that's not even the least of what happened.
a Few minutes after my temporary paralysis
i started Feeling a burning
and i was like oh shit...damn
i had just recovered From another cut
and i look at my back and see black
dark skin and then...
a little patch of
white meat and some signs
of blood about to come out
man o man was i pissed
but its all good
imma be walkin around with a swollen ass cheek
and a scab the size of a 50 cent coin (maybe bigger)
well that's all
now i need to go and get some peroxide and alcohol
along with some bengay and a couple tylenols

bye. and



a lot oF people have Fear
I don't For some reason though
there was a time where I went to a party
and they started shooting but
I just kept dancing

I admit I was a lil drunk
but i knew nothing would happen to me
I even had a body guard in a sense
the dj. (very close Friend and dangerous criminal)

anyways I don't Fear Falling From a ladder onto the
concrete Floor. the only thing that would bother me is the pain.
I hate pain. annoying weakness.

actually I do like some pain
but that's another thing.

like i was saying
with out Fear
man is capable of any Feat
he dare dream of.
therefore I live with out the burden of Fear.

well that's all I have at the moment.

and don't mind all the big F's
its because my sister ripped the F key out
so i have to copy and paste now
such a bitch.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

it came outttttttttttttttttt Grizzly Bear- Two Weeks.

Now im gonna say
I fuckin love this song
and now they have dropped the video
its a creepy and wierd video
but it is so Amazing
OMG best video i have seen in a long, long time.

Two Weeks

Save up all the days
A routine malaise
Just like yesterday
I told you I would stay

Would you always
Maybe sometimes
Make it easy
Take your time

Think of all the ways
Momentary phase
Just like yesterday
I told you I would stay

Every time you try
Quarter half the mile
Just like yesterday
I told you I would stay

Would you always
Maybe sometimes
Make it easy
Take your time

I need a new phone...

While I was closing the windows
in the bathroom, my
phone fell into a tub full of water
after fishing it out it vibrated
and died.
I was so pissed
I wasn't even bothered
with the fact that I
that I cant call anyone
I used it as a mp3 player
and I just put new songs on
what a bitch
now I need money for a phone.



watching the uninvited in
my room
on my bed
i love the internet.


O M f G

I haven't ridden my board in like
two weeks
I think it feels neglected
i have to find a nice big hill with no cars so it can fly
with me down the road
oh and I named my board
its name is
damn, I forgot its name
but when I remember I will post it
if there are any Londoners with Longboards reading this
please... pleaseee...!
contact me and my board
were lonely
and tired of riding by ourselves.

Well for now
I think me and my board will just cruise the city of London.

I'm thinking i should just name my board
yes..yes... that is a great name
hahaha. I love it.




While sitting in my room
eating cookies [#1 favorite thing in the world]
I remembered about this incredible blog that I now read.
its called "Pinky and the Brain."
its a very good blog and the writer (Perla btw Nice ass name)
always talks about great and interesting topics.
her flow is tough and i think you should check it out

hit up the blog

Pinky and the Brain

shoutout to Perla
im out....peacee


Friday, May 22, 2009


its 4:17 am
london time
do you know where your kids are?


I feel new



It would be great.
just alone.
by ourselves
talking and looking into the sky
a journeys end.
cut off from
everything and everyone
we would wait
watch the sunset
see the stars
and then drift into
a quiet sleep
and there would be no dream
you have already lived it.



I consider myself to be a vey wierd person
considering the settings that i have grown up in.
If you know me well
you would agree with my last term.

The thing is that i love being wierd.
it gives me a sense of "Individuality."

I walk the streets and all I see are uniforms.
when I say uniforms,
I am talking about how people
copy one anothers style and swag
or whatever.

Its really annoying because how the hell
are you supposed to find someone who isnt like them?
how do you find a person worthy of the title Wierd?

I want to meet someone [Girl preferably] who is similar to me
but just not the same an have their own interests, nerves & ticks. [I find it very, very cute]

But still, wierd people are the best people.
And I dont mean really wierd that they collect toenailsor something [ugh..]
i mean the wierd people who do things that you normally would'nt do.

Anyways im crazy...

now I am done.
I will go and make a sandwhich. It is currently 3:15 am London Time
[kawai= Sweet]

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time Machine...

Speaking of time machines
would'nt it be great if we had them.

We could go back in time and change shit around
or just go and beat Hitler's ass or something.

I know what I would do with it.
I would beat Kim Jong Il's little ass
just for fun,
and then I would go even furthur back in time and steal a
bitchin load of gold and jewels from the spaniards.

After that I would hide them in a place that I know nobody would ever look then
come back, pick them up and be on my merry way a rich ass mofo.

I would'nt have to worry about all this money for school and shit
and i can do anything I want anytime.

that would definitly be the life.

kawaii= sweet


anybody remember toonami
with the old adult swim that came
on at 10 o'clock when you had to sleep
those were the days
all those great toons like
Thundercats and Dragon Ball Z
I miss those days
Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Wolf's Rain
Omg I need a time machine



Why are you such a bitch
Why do you torment us with this wack ass weather
make it fucking sunny already

GOD Damn I Hate London[ ugh...]

NYC forever.

[super tears of anger]

anybody wanna trade places with me?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

High Fives

People who i need to give a big ass
High Five & a Hug too

1. Ain
2. Twinn
3. Hilda
4. Crystal
5. Janette
6. Rilwan [no homo]
7. Mohsin [no homo]
8. Ranti [no homo]
9. Dami [no homo]
10. Zohab [no homo]
11. Nasir [no homo]
12. Naheem [no homo]
13. Kadijah
14. Malika
15. Kris [no homo]
16. Lenny [no homo]
17. Femi [no homo]
18. Azeez [no homo]
19. Raven

well thats all

these noodles are fucking delicious


better than cup noodles, top ramen, and any
other wack ass noodle brand
gonna eat some now
yumm yumm


disregard the blog posted
before the last one
its rubbish!!!
that is all

is it possible?

i actually love someone
never thought that would happen
i like people
but dont love em
but now i do
.......................kawaii. :)


not gonna blog unless i feel like it
really boring now-a-days
life is suckish
last blog for who knows when
just not in the mood for it
nothing is interesting to me anymore
..........................Lifes LAME!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Saturday, May 9, 2009


i just found out i still have a bebo account
and theres a message from indhira saying
"hi Ugly!!"
thats mean mean.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jackson Swinton On K-space

Jackson Swinton
My dudes from Staten Island
Sportin The Dee&Ricky Brooches
and also the Bananas Tee
check out the video

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If Music Was Illegal...

I swear i would rebel and kill all the police lmaoooooooooooooooo

Tuesday, May 5, 2009



I never knew that I posted that many already
I know its nothing to some of you

(maybe all of you)

but I see it as a accomplishment

take that bitches (middle finger)

oh and this one makes 42

Its ok everyone

im fine again
just a short temper tantrum
everyone gets a high five

I'm pissed

missed math final

but i dont really mind

i just hate things in general now

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Great song

In a desert
You're standing
As I sail away
In motion

On a glory afternoons in June I need you
Just like raindrops
You will feel so good upon my lips
Just like raindrops
Even million million miles away

There's a space out there
And then when we can move

On a glory afternoon in June I need you
Just like raindrops
You feel so good upon my lips
Just like raindrops
Even milion milion miles away
Just like raindrops
You feel so good upon my lips
Just like raindrops
Even though you're million miles away
Just like raindrops
You feel so good upon my lips
Just like raindrops
Even though you're million miles away

You taste so great, on my lips
You taste so good, on my lips
When your moisture drips upon my lips
Just like a waterfall straight through the heart of me


Just like raindrops
You will feel so good upon my lips
Just like raindrops
Even milion milion miles away

Said I want you, I'll follow you
I'll follow you
When I want you, I'll follow you