Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jackson Swinton On K-space

Jackson Swinton
My dudes from Staten Island
Sportin The Dee&Ricky Brooches
and also the Bananas Tee
check out the video


Twinn said...

oh god why everywhere i go i see this shii man
not you jimni they got you too =/
&& now im gonna hear swizyy wen he comess * she runs away && hides*

Jinmi.....Indie said...

they got me
they cool

Jinmi.....Indie said...

i forgot about you not liking swizzy

or has it changed?

SimplyAin said...

for some reason
while watching this
the only thing i could do was laugh
so that's what i did
all the way through

Jinmi.....Indie said...