Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Went To...

New York
This summer and had a vey entertaining time with my freinds.
it was a freakin great trip.
at first I thought that I would'nt be able to go back home and chill for a while
before I had to come back to shitty ass England.
but by god I was able to come with just my bro and enjoy the lovely city again.

If I can recall I was intoxicated everysingle day.
Form right after we got off that plane and Naheem picked us to the day that we left.
We headed straight for a party and got so fuckin done.
The highlights of this summer was just being able to see my friends again.
anyways college has changed a lot of them for the worst
and the rest are still as great as I remember them.

Well there was some great barbeques
and I also got a couple of looks because of my style of clothing.
(really changed)
I loved the attention. hehe.
Me and my bro went to the beach with some friends
(Malikah, Dijah, Mohsin)
Fun times.

oh yeah... I never metioned that I moved
the house is cool especially my room
( I gots Roof Windows Bitch!)

well this summer was one of the greatests summers by far
it was'nt on par with summer '07 but summer '09
shall never be forgotten.

man i just noticed that I was'nt really taking pics this summer... but i did manage to find this.

Fuckin Horrible.


Twinn said...

I gotta say that everyone I know including myself the " 07 summer" was by far the best. && yea wthell u didnt see me loserr you better be coming out this summer or else lol

Jinmi.....Indie said...

lol i might come this summer or next year
better hope i do

iindhira said...

i wish i could go to England.and i def. agree it was mine also.i hope that this summer is better then the rest.

Jinmi.....Indie said...

yeah this summer is gonna be the greatest

it has to be