Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm Back in 2010 and iI'm ready to restart my bloggin life over again.
Wow... it's been a really long time since I've been blogging.
Schools been attackin me left and right for work and money but
I was able to pull through and finish this semester with reasonable grades.
this summer was great.
I know I never posted anything on it
but it was truly an amazing summer with friends and family
I wish I could be able to go back earlier this year to enjoy myself even more.
I would've blogged a couple times earlier but I was just fixin my page up
from that old busted look to one that expresses me more.
Anyways you know how I love music more than money
I just wanted to share a list of a couple of the amazing tracks that I've been hearing in '09.

El Perro Del Mar- Change Of Heart*****
Beach House- Norway*****
Beach House- Used To Be****
Gorillaz- Tomorrow Comes Today
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero's- Home
Memoryhouse-To The Lighthouse
Memoryhouse- The Waves
Memoryhouse- Lately (Deuxieme)
The Middle East- Blood*****
The Middle East- Lonely*****
The Middle East- The Darkest Side

Monkey Swallows The Universe- Sheffield Shanty*****
Liars- Scissors****
The XX- Islands
The XX- Stars
Massive Attack- Black Milk***
MODERAT- Les Grandes Marches****
MODERAT- Rusty Nails****

Nosaj Thing- Lords
Miike Snow- Billie Holiday
Major Lazer- Keep It Goin Louder
Major Lazer- Can't Stop Now
Little Dragon- Twice*****
Little Dragon- After The Rain
Little Dragon- Runabout
King Britt- New World In My View
Homeboy Sandman- Angels With Dirty Faces
Cloud Nothings- Can't Stay Awake
Bon Iver & St. Vincent- Roslyn****

Blur- To The End
Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage*****
Tycho- Coastal Brake
The XX- Stars (Skinny Friedman DJ Edit)*****

I absolutely love how the music turned out in '09 and I'm currently waiting to hear some good
stuff from 2010 as well.

Besides music, I've been eyein some lace up boots and levi 520's for the longest.
to help me in my minor shift in my style of clothing and also because
they are fuckin incredible things to have in your wardrobe.
the look I'm headin towars is this.
I love the look and I think it fits my physique.
I have a lot of new clothing ideas but lack of the "Gold Sustitute" (known as money) I am
unable to fufill any of my clothing needs, which pisses me off.
But good things come to those who wait.

Classes are right around the corner and it's lookin to be a fuggin great year
and I want to milk it for whatever it's worth. Road Trips, Concerts, Camping, Globe Trotting I plan to do it all with my friends at school and I pray the turnout is great.
The parties should all be insane this year as well, especially in the states and im aiming to raise
me enough "Air Fare" to ride over the pind for a quick chill session with my fellas and all who I didnt get to chill with in the summer.
I'm gonna be flyin' this year and I want to make sure that everyone comes soarin' with me too.
well I have run out of shit to say so

p.s. oh and how does the page look? tell meeeeee.

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