Friday, June 5, 2009

not so good

Thats how life kinda is right now. i have nothing... absolutely nothing to do here. i wish i could just leave but i cant. its just so annoying. nobody to hang out with, i just stay inside all day with nothing to do just stay at home and watch t.v. or stay online all day. when i do go out its for a job and thats to no sucess. fuckin worl wont let me get a simple job (fucking recession). i have to sit through 4 years of this shit. im really tired of it. i want to just leave and never come back. i wouldnt consider anyone coming to live here unless, they were super rich or some shit. its not worth it at all.
all this fucking annoying shit. i fee my life is wasting here. maybe if some of my friends came over here to visit that i would even bother going places. and my fam is paying out the ass for school. its really a waste. skating or music isnt enough.

i need to leave.


Twinn said...

but i was gonna go for my bday =/
my dad says i should just head to japan =P he wont let me go to Dubai lol

iindhira said...

that's so sad i felt that way wen i was in Florida for 2 months so in noe wat u are feeling is way worst i hope u feel better...if me and my man could go over there we sure would least ur resume is gonna sound good wen u come back u went to school in london!!!
hopefully its worth it

Jinmi.....Indie said...

yeah hopefully