Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Apartment......I hope.

I've been thinking of leaving my house ang getting a apartment by myself closer to the city.
its boring living here, nothing exiting ever happens. when I move I will be alone.
just the way I like it unless I prefer having some company *wink wink*.
I would love it, an apartment all to myself, wake up whenever I want,
sleep whenever I want, play music as loud as I want. oh the wonders of me having
everything to myself. Peace And Quiet.
gonna have a great time waking up in the morning and opening my window and looking out
to see whatever I have to see (dont know since I dont have the place yet)
anyways I'll have my laptop and clothes, a few stuff ive picked up along the way (ie: furniture).
it will be great.
something like this would be good.



Cecelia said...

lol having my own apartment was amazing.. the only problem is once you do, you better plan on staying alone for a loooong time because having a roommate/apartmentmate feels even twice as suffocating after having a place to yourself.

Jinmi.....Indie said...

yeah i plan on staying by myself
all the time
not even family will stay with me
friends but not fam
and friends only if they visit from another country

Vison.Air.y said...

i wanna have an apartment to myself one day too. Being able to wake up blasting music and relaxing to start off the day would be amazing

Jinmi.....Indie said...

ive had that dream for so long
now that im here it will come true

SimplyAin said...

after next year

imma want to murder myself. after being alone in another country for 6 mths, and then coming back to living under someone elses roof and choirs and blah

Jinmi.....Indie said...

ain ur crazy
if u kill yourself
we wont be friends no more
lmaoo u lame ass
and i been here about 9 months now