Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I caught myself listening to some music on my mp3 player.
its great this thing called music. can do a lot for people
but me I appreciate the beats and how the song sounds entirely.
like yesterday I was on the bus and I was just jamming to some music.
people were looking like WTF and I was just like WTF right back

SHiiiit. Like I have to lower it because you want to enjoy a beat ass bus ride. (old people)

I Fuckin Love loud music though
just pressing the headphones into your ear so that your defend by the outside world
its so great every beat is flowing graciously and your loving every minute of it.

man music is the greatest invention to me. i swear.
SLEEPY HEAD by Passion Pit is a good song to go def to
Kingdom by Working For A Nuclear Free City is also another
there are countless ones,
but my favorites at the time are Non-Photo Blue by Pinback
Quitters Raga by Gold Panda
and Syracuse By Pinback

Well I need to go look for more music to enjoy but that's what I love to do most in the world.
till next time.


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